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Good Friday Worship/Reflection at Home

GOOD FRIDAY REFLECTIONS Grace Presbyterian Church, April 2020 Compiled by Rev. Katie Murchison Ross The Seven Last Words of Jesus Take some time to reflect on each of these sayings. You may choose to set aside a block of time to read all of them. Or you may take 5-10 minutes here and there throughout… Read More »

Meandering the Advent Labyrinth

Hello, Grace friends and neighbors! Your pastors are hoping to use this blog more and here’s a first attempt. This season, in Sunday sermons and pub theology, we’ve been doing lots of reflecting on the meaning of Advent. Here are a few more thoughts to add to the mix. Grace is hosting a labyrinth on… Read More »

A Word About Preaching

  In this, the first of my pastoral blogs, I thought I would address my preaching. It is the focus of the majority of the questions I get about my work as a pastor (How do you decide what to preach on? What tensions do you struggle with? Why do you get “so political” sometimes?)… Read More »