Special Services


Members and those related to members may choose Grace Church as the site for their weddings. First, ask one of the pastors to work with you in counseling and to perform the ceremony. When a date for the wedding is selected, our wedding coordinator will assist in planning the use of the Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, musical instruments, and AV on your wedding day. Contact a Pastor or the Office Manager to begin your plans.

Funerals and Memorial Services

Services upon a member’s death give the congregation a way to celebrate their life and say farewell. Members know that Grace will be there for them to carry out their last wishes for a service for a friend or a loved one. Sometimes, other venues are chosen for a funeral or memorial service. Loved ones should contact the office, even if they do not wish to hold a funeral at Grace. The Pastors are ready to offer comfort and support either way. Contact the Pastors or the Office Manager to talk through your desires for a service.