Honduras Mission

Grace's Honduras Mission consists of four components: 1) on-site mission to Honduras, 2) providing scholarships for Honduras children to attend school, 3) sponsoring a missionary, and 4) providing financial support to Clementina’s Kitchen.

The On-site Mission to Honduras

Grace sends a mission team each year to central Honduras to participate in community improvement projects.  Each summer, 12-20 youth and adults travel to Honduras and work there under the guidance of Honduras Outreach International (HOI).  The church collects such things as school supplies, medicines, old eyeglasses, and soccer balls to share with the villages in which they work.  The mission trips have a lasting impact not only on the villagers but on the mission team members as well.  Contact: Greta and Joe Miller

HOI Scholarship Program

Grace raises funds each year to support the education of children in the Agalta Valley through our HOI partnership.  HOI annually educates nearly 415 kindergarten, elementary, and middle school students from over 30 villages.  Grace has supported anywhere from 9 to 21 students since 1991 through funds that include proceeds from a silent auction and individual gifts.  Grace’s support helps pay the tuition of students, provide them with scholarship opportunities to attend HOI partner high schools, and pay for all their school supplies.  Contact: Judy Riekse


Milton Martinez was hired by HOI as a Spiritual Life Director. Milton was training for Catholic priesthood and his main focus is working with youth and families. He teaches spiritual values classes at our school, leads staff devotionals and retreats, and has formed a partnership with the local Young Life leader. They work together in our community outreach directed to youth and young adults in local communities. They’ve set up clubs and youth groups in over 15 communities in Olancho. Grace has helped sponsor Director Martinez since 2021.

Clementina's Kitchen

Clementina’s Kitchen is run by Clementina Martinez Lizardo, a woman about 85 years old who has dedicated most of her adult life to feeding children from poor families in their place of residence in Cane, La Paz .  Clementina shares how she decided to start her work in this way: "I was a first grade teacher and several times looked at children collapsed suddenly and did not know what was happening.  I started to ask what was going on and ended up discovering it was because there were days without food came because their families could not afford."  Grace offers financial support for this important ministry.

History of Grace's Involvement in HOI

Joe Miller has written a summary of Grace's activities in Honduras since 2000. You can read that history here:

Summary of Grace Presbyterian Church Activities in Honduras 2000 to 2021